ANDRIANOS Chemicals  Agents - Technical Consultants


This website is an important business channel for us.

Since July 2005, when we launched our website, we have attracted your repetitive visits, offering detailed information on the products we represent and news from our suppliers.

We focus on:
Offering updated, valuable information for the use of our customers.

Managing contect from various sources, timely delivering business intelligence.

Designing a website easy to read and navigate, yet skilled enough to answer to visitors' questions in a direct way.

Building a client-server interaction with the cutting-edge of Web technology, achieving fast and flexible website design.

All design, content management and coding is done by ANDRIANOS Chemicals.

Versions info:

Version 1.0 (JUL 2005)

Version 2.0b (NOV 2007)

Contains design corrections on main menu, to offer easier browsing through all products on offer. SEARCH engine upgrade to PHP powered server-side scripting. META keywords update. Produced after checking AUG-SEP 2007 website evaluation questionaire.

Version 2.1 (JAN 2008)

Code improvement on NEWS search engine (faster parsing) and presentation change (newer to older news items).

Version 2.2 (MAR 2009)

Design change, loading time improvement, corrections.

Version 2.3 (MAY 2011)

Corrections, creation and deployment of online polyurethane dispersions calculator (project now idle).

Version 2.4 (MAR 2014)

Design change, simplification, page & database corrections, full UTF encoding.